Wood & Cedar Fences

New & Replacement Fencing

Residential Fence Installation

Wood and cedar fences are one of the most common choices for fencing a residential yard. At Ace Fence Company, we provide high quality wood and cedar to ensure that your fence is not only beautiful today, but for many years ahead. Wood fences help to provide that American Dream feeling that many homeowners desire to complete their home – aka, the white picket fence. Aside from its pleasant appearance, wood fencing provides stable protection and privacy for your yard or your business.

Custom Wood Fencing

Quality Fencing Materials

Wood and cedar fencing is available in a large variety of styles and heights to allow you to personalize the look of your yard. A few of the selections available for you include:

  • Solid fencing
  • Board on Board
  • Board on Batten
  • Picket
  • Kickboard / Rot Board
  • Cap and Trim


The style you choose for your property depends on the level of privacy and décor that you desire. The addition of lattice tops, arches, or dips can also help to enhance the beauty of your fence. Our professionals will show you all available options for your property and help you make the right decision that not only meets your privacy requirements, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your yard while enhancing the value of your home or business.


Every wood and cedar fence we offer is made from the highest quality products that are meant to stand the test of time and weather. It is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction with your wood fence and its subsequent installation. Contact us for more information on how to get started with your wood and cedar fencing needs today!